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COVID 19: In accordance with local mandates,
please wear face masks in store and maintain
social distancing guidelines.

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PE-Designs Class 3: Applique the Penny Way

Learn everything you always wanted to know about applique. This class helps reduces your stitch count
and often gives you a texture you cannot achieve with just stitches. Learn how to replace a section of an
existing design with an appliqued section. I also cover reverse applique.

COVID avoidance policy:
I prefer that everyone is fully vaccinated or has recovered from COVID. Masks are required during class.
Class sizes will be small to allow social distancing. Be warned that classes fill early. If a class fills, we will
start a waiting list, and if necessary, add an additional class to handle the overflow.
Skill Level:
This is a hands-on class. You need to bring the following:  Your laptop with the software loaded and working. Make sure you check for updates.  Your laptop, power cord, a mouse, and the dongle for the software.  Your printed class notes (see below).  A snack.  A great attitude and a smile. Class Notes Your class notes are attached to the email for your class sign up. These are PDF files. You will need a free Adobe Acrobat reader to print these out ( These class notes will prevent you from having to take a lot of notes in the class. These notes are proprietary so please do not share with others.
Instructor Name:
Penny Muncaster
Instructor Bio:
My name is Penny Muncaster-Jewell, and I have been working with PE-Design since it was introduced in 1996. I never guessed that 26 years later I would still be doing this and loving it! I come from a geek background (worked at NASA), and I was amazed at how hard it was for me to work out how to use the software. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to use the software; I have simplified that process so you get on track quickly and easily. Once I started working successfully with it, I was asked to teach classes at my local dealers. I did teach, and my experiences led to three books on PE-Design. I have taught in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and even Japan, where I taught Brother?s Japanese dealers how to use the software, on a Japanese laptop no less! I have taught at many retreats, conferences, and stores throughout the U.S. I also worked with Brother?s PE-Design Software engineers in Japan on what new features to add and how they should work.
I try hard to make my classes informative but fun. We all learn better if we enjoy it. So be prepared for some really bad jokes!

PE-Designs Class 3: Applique the Penny Way

$ 85.00