Lady Godiva Apron Class

This apron is complete with ruffles and pockets! You can't pass this up! Our own Linda Zima will walk you through every step! Come join us and walk away with a great gift either for yourself or someone you love! I know you will love this class! As an added BONUS we will even embroider YOUR NAME on it for FREE!

Sewing Goodies Gadgets

Even if you have had the following gadgets forever, this class is still for you! After all, EVERYONE needs an update! If you are a NEW quilter, you will need these cute little helper gadgets when you sew! Two great items EVERYONE needs! A Beautiful thread catcher and an incredible Sewing caddy that is seated right next to your machine that will hold everything you will need in arms reach! Come join us and be a part of our little community of quilters! Make some new gadgets and some new quilting buddies!

Friday Night Sew-In / April

NOTE: ONLINE RESERVATIONS ONLY ONE reservation per person. (Multiple reservations under one name will not be counted and will be removed) This allows everyone that wants to attend to be able to register without duplication. Thank you for helping us to streamline this process.

Apr 28
Judy Niemeyer Series : Wicker Basket
May 2
Longarmer Meeting
May 5
Longarmer Meeting