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Quilting with Pantographs featuring Urban Elementz

Learn how to use Pantographs, by Urban Elementz to make your own beautiful all-over design! This class covers: Choosing your pantograph Learning an Easy beginner pattern vs an Advanced pattern Marking the machine to avoid mistakes Lining up and advancing your pattern on your quilt How to find yourself if you get lost on your quilt. Using the laser better and more efficiently How to move smoothly and make the top look beautiful!

Friday Night Sew-In / April SOLD OUT

NOTE: TIME CHANGE - We will now start at 4 p.m. and end at 10 p.m. ONLINE RESERVATIONS ONLY ONE reservation per person. (Multiple reservations under one name will NOT be counted and will be REMOVED) This allows everyone that wants to attend to be able to register without duplication. To register, choose the Friday Night Sew-In option, add ONLY one entry to your cart and as soon as you do, go up to the cart and click on it. Once you are in the cart click the Proceed to Checkout button at the bottom of your order, fill in your customer information and then click on Place Your Order. A screen will come up that summarizes your order and then you can click on the button at the bottom that says Click here when finished....and you are all set! If you follow these instructions, you shouldn't have any issues with multiple entries. All multiple entries will have to be deleted and you will NOT be registered at that time, so please take a moment to read and follow these instructions. We'd hate to oversell the sew-in night and not be able to accommodate your place. Thank you for helping us to streamline this process.

Free Motion Quilting / Domestic sewing machines

In this class you will learn the basics for quilting on your home sewing machine with ease and confidence. We will show you how to set your machine for your best results, talk about threads, learn new designs, help you manage your quilt and much, much more!

Apr 29
Machine Embroidery Club
May 1
Longarmer Meeting
May 4
Longarmer Meeting